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Anonymous asked Merdia’s hair VS Pocahontas’s hair 

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Pixar Challenge

12. Favorite “Cars” Scene

lightning helps the king cross the finish line


Pixar Challenge

12. Favorite “Cars” Scene

lightning helps the king cross the finish line

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burdona → Tiana and Aurora :)

Tiana: Something I’ve worked hard for - I know it seems a bit cliche, but my grades. When I was in high school, I wasn’t as dedicated as I am now in college and I didn’t always make my parents proud, but now as a college student I get A’s and have only had three B’s in my three years. I’m really proud of it because I work really hard and at the end of the day, I feel really accomplished and it brings a smile to my face when I hear my parents say they’re proud of me. 

Aurora: Someone who brightens my day: My mother. We haven’t always had the best relationship, but since going through some family issues last year/start of this year, we’ve gotten really close and to hear her voice makes my day a lot better and to know that I’m not dreading talking to her, but enjoy it now, makes a lot of things better. 

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disneyyandmore → Ariel, Cinderella and Rapunzel.

Ariel: An adventure I once had -  When I was younger I went to a Six Flags, I don’t remember which one it was, but I remember it had like a sea life attraction and you could touch Stingrays and it was the coolest thing ever because I remember feeding one and it was like a suction cup. It was exciting for me because I remember being with my family and It was the closest thing to Sea World I got. I just remember being so happy and in awe with everything around me at the time!

Cinderella: A dream that I have- I really want to be a writer for Marvel or DC comics and I didn’t really think I could until a “cetain friend” gave me the encouragement needed. I’ve always loved comics and I don’t feel there are enough women writing in the industry and I always wanted to do something that create a difference and comics are something I’m passionate about and It’s something I’d enjoy more than actually writing my own books.

Rapunzel: A place I want to Travel - An interesting one. Greece. I would love to go to Greece and explore it. Take in all that the culture has to offer. I think it’s unique and I’ve always been fascinated with Greece and it’s beautiful and on my list of must travel places.

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Make Me Choose: Anastasia (non disney) or Esmeralda

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Australian cast of The Lion King sings on a plane.  Because actors are nerds no matter where they are.

Are tears what you wanted because that was fucking beautiful.

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Karengilln asked llama Kuzco or human Kuzco 

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Anonymous asked Olaf or Pascal 

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Make me choose: Tiana and Naveen or Eugene and Rapunzel

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rumpleshtiltskin asked: Tiana or Nani

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